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I was born in 1992 into a family which in addition to my parents included two Labrador Retrievers, Sandra and Milla. They were put down when I was 3 years old and after that a long haired Dachshund Pinja came into our family, who made us happy for 11 years. I have loved animals since I was a child and especially dogs have always been close to my heart. As a child I gobbled up all the information I could find about dogs and learned the basics of how to train a dog by teaching tricks to our Dachshund.

Once I moved to my own place I adopted two terriers from Spain. Niki and Kovu had been mistreated hunting dogs, whose adaptation to a new home wasn't quite that simple. However with persistence and love they turned out the best dogs I could have hoped for. With Niki we did agility, match shows, search dog activities and track racing. Unofficial track racing hobby left a fire in me to eventually get a real sighthound. Niki and Kovu unfortunately slept away due to illnesses in spring 2015 and then our first sighthound, racing line whippet Ukko arrived.


Soon Ukko got a friend from a 1-year-old Chart Polski named Aatu, who changed by life. I fell in love with the breed and soon enough I became a member of the Finnish Chart Polski Association and I began dreaming of breeding this magnificent breed. Soon a co-owned bitch Bora joined our pack, who captivated me with her amazing temperament and I definitely wanted to have the first litter with her. My kennel name was granted to me on 16.2.2017.


I promote positive training methods with my dogs and that dogs will never be trained with violence. Dogs are my beloved family members who I want to take the best possible care off. With my dogs we partake diversely for example in lure coursing, track racing, conformation shows and search dog activities. My dogs are almost always with me where ever I go and we attend a lot of different events. We live in the country side and my dogs get to run a lot off leash.

In my breeding I want to invest especially in the health and temperament of the dogs, which is why I want to health test all my dogs fully and breed only steady and balanced dogs, who are easy at home and in activities. After health and temperament my second priority is hunting instinct. In my opinion a sighthound breed created to hunt is still supposed to have a hunting instinct, and they shouldn't be bred based on appearance alone to the detriment of hunting instinct. With my dogs we do coursing and racing and I want to breed dogs who are capable of such. Lastly comes appearance. My goal is to breed dogs who resemble the breed standard in all ways, but to me looks come only after the other features when I'm thinking of my breeding choices. My goal is that in the future I could breed dogs who are healthy, steady and resemble the Chart Polski breed standard in every way.

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